Social Distancing… and depression


I feel depression looming on the horizon.

I am having trouble concentrating.

I feel overwhelmed by the daily updates about Covid19, the deaths piling up, concern for my friends, family, classes & students, constant changes to our daily routines and lives, trying to get some exercise, staying in touch with friends, watching our town shut down, trying not panic, taking appropriate precautions…

And there is depression looming on the horizon, as all my coping skills are shutdown city wide. The gym is closed. Tumamoc Hill is closed. School is closed. Restaurants are closed. Social isolation. A sense of doom. And my big go-to… a creeping, settling numb feeling. My depression is always feeling numb.

I’m doing what I can (working, calling friends, cooking, hiking, writing emails) and I should probably just go take a walk, but 100% chance of rain today…

The clouds are mirroring my feelings today. I know I’ll be fine, but I can’t get myself to care about In Search of the Great America right now, and time is slipping away, even as I chip at the big to-do pile.

Take care dear friends. This is me reaching out and hoping to find others who need to know they are not alone in these feelings.

Big love and a cyber hug.



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